Truly Blessed and Highly Favored

January 26, 2012


An Open Letter to my beloved bride of 5 wonderful years. Kristina, I wanted to write you a letter to let you know how much I love you, but it didn’t seem like a letter would be enough. We do not have a lot of money and no room in the budget for buying you […]

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1 Peter 3:7 (Part 1) – Husbands

October 13, 2018


Like a popcorn husk stuck in my gums behind a back molar, reminding me something needs attention, I have had 1 Peter 3:7 clamoring about in my head for the better part of a month.  Actually, the verse has taken up permanent residence in my heart for almost as long as I have been married […]

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Inviting a conversation about the Holy Spirit.

May 17, 2018


As a believer in Jesus Christ, and teacher of His Gospel, I am not always the best example  in how I behave, and at times I am not too worried about how I am perceived by others. Much work is needed in this area and I have excellent resources for accomplishing the task at hand. […]

Seekers, Servants, & Squatters

May 14, 2018


Recently, I was having breakfast with a good friend and accountability partner. It was a Saturday morning, as is our custom, and on this morning I asked him how he was doing around serving his church body. My friend volunteers for the A/V Team at a local church that has a very high percentage of attendees who […]

My Bride

May 7, 2017


This morning at Neighborhood Church, my Bride spoke about Royal Family Kids Camp and I could not help but wonder how it was she agreed to be my wife. She is a daily reminder of grace: being given something that is not earned or deserved.  I spent a little time rereading the ‘MySpace Miracle‘ today […]

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Not My Favorite Post

August 29, 2016


So here it is, the blog post that I just am not very comfortable sharing. I can tell by looking at my face that I was dreading this moment, when I would try to think of something funny to write to hide how uncomfortable I am posting these pictures. Being comfortable got me into this […]

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Another Run At Overcoming Self

August 8, 2016


I have never been what might be considered skinny, and that is not my current goal. I am on a quest to be healthy.  For 1 week every year, I serve children who are in the care of the State of Arizona through the Foster Care system by going to camp. This year my body […]

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Sheep: ‘To Act’ or ‘To Be’

March 27, 2016


Today is a wonderful day filled with celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ and spending time with friends and family. However, I have been involved with several exchanges causing me to think about about how people see me all day long. This morning I was approached by a young man who asked me to sign a […]

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